Welcome to PsychicSpiritArt!

Pardon the dust while I’m freshening up the website! I’m working to update this site and http://www.EliStewart.com (hopefully) by May 1st 2018! Check back for updates!

Welcome to my site! (I’ve recently decided to update, so please pardon me while I make some changes. The first thing is that I’ve done away with the online booking feature.)

I’m Elige “Eli” Stewart, a psychic medium and spirit artist working out of Lansing, Michigan. I have been working as a psychic and medium for over two decades, helping to provide spiritual insight, direction and connect people with their guides and loved ones in spirit.

As an artist, I am primarily spirit taught. I work closely with a team of spirit guides to bring forward artistic renderings of inspired clairvoyant impressions, portraiture of loved ones, and visual representations of your guides and angels.

Follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/psychicinsight/.

Be sure to check out www.EliStewart.com for my dancing, yoga, movement, and other creative and spiritual ventures!

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