The Little-Known Bindu Chakra

Bindu Chakra by Elige Stewart

Most of us are at least somewhat familiar with the Seven Chakras of Vedic Lore. They are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras. A quick search on the internet will provide a plethora of information on these subtle energy organs. But, there is one frequently overlooked chakra that I work with on a regular basis. It’s called the Bindu Chakra. (Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard about it – it only surfaced for me recently in my research.)

I have been working with an energy point in my psychic development, especially with channeling and clairaudience. I began to realize that when I would channel, the energy would connect with me through the back of my head, where my spine and my skull would meet. As I worked with this energy point further, I realized that it was a minor point most of time, only really becoming noticeable during channeling sessions and when a guide who I had channeled would speak to me.

I was researching the chakras for an upcoming project when I stumbled upon mention of the Bindu Chakra. I had heard this term before, but directly in relation to the Brow chakra, not as a standalone structure of energy. I followed the links and found that indeed this was considered a fairly prominent chakra in Tantric lore.

Bindu translates to ‘focus, or point’. (Bindi are the jeweled or painted ‘points’ that Indian women adorn their foreheads with). The Bindu Chakra is said to be placed approximately at the point on the back of the head that I described earlier. It is where Indian holy men (called Brahmin) would grow a single tuft of hair on the back of their heads to honor this chakra. It is also said that this point can produce a nectar of immortality or poison of death. [1]The sited article also mentions that this chakra functions as the crown chakra for our four legged companions, as well as having acted as ours before we evolved into our current upright stance.

My experiences with this amazing chakra have led me to an understanding of it’s mythology. This point is affiliated with trance workings. It is this point that ‘springs’ us from our bodies to either venture astrally or in the shamanic realms, as well as to allow the energy of trusted guides to speak through us in channeling sessions.

The mythology of this being our ‘pre-upright crown chakra’ speaks of how societies have evolved. The world is losing many of it’s ecstatic trance practitioners. Many religions frown upon the use of altered states to commune with the realm of Spirit or deity. It was once common place for us to connect to these realities and experience them as if they were as physical as the body we inhabited. Now these practices have become watered down into meditation techniques (which are an invaluable but wholly separate practices). Worse yet, they are more frequently viewed as savage relics of ‘pre-civilized society’.

There is a movement to change that in many spiritual communities, even though some involved may not even recognize it. Certain Christian sects practice the arts of prophecy and speaking in tongues, which involve deep trance states. Spiritualism and the Lightwork/New Age communities utilize this chakra in channeling sessions. There is a resurgence of Earth based and experiential/ecstatic spiritual practices, such as Neo-shamanism and Wicca. The tides are turning back to valuing the personal spiritual experiences of realities.

The most pronounced understanding of the mythos of the Bindu chakra lies in the production of the Nectar of Immortality or the Poison of Death. This speaks to the power of knowledge and wisdom in my eyes. What I derive from this saying is that knowledge is powerful, but Wisdom and Experience are Immortal. This is the energy center that can synthesize our knowledge with our experiences. If the synthesis is successful, then we achieve inspiration and wisdom. If it is not successful, then we gain misunderstandings and misperceptions. The synthesis that could be transformed into wisdom has now become a dogma or such a rigid belief that one can’t budge from it.

It is also very important to note two further points. The first is that your nectar of immortality will likely differ from any other persons. Every experience and understanding of spirit is valuable, and wisdom doesn’t take the well worn roads. It happens in the shady unforged path that a person ventures out on by themselves. Every path has value, and it is vital to remember this point.

The next and final point I will make is that it is safest to train for trance work with an experienced practitioner. The focus and dedication required for certain types of trance can cause strong imbalances in the energy field if precautions aren’t taken and safeguards put in place. Just as if you were training for the Olympics, proper technique (whether swimming, running or gymnastics) is crucial to safety and success.