The Little-Known Bindu Chakra

Bindu Chakra by Elige Stewart

Most of us are at least somewhat familiar with the Seven Chakras of Vedic Lore. They are the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown Chakras. A quick search on the internet will provide a plethora of information on these subtle energy organs. But, there is one frequently overlooked chakra that I work with on a regular basis. It’s called the Bindu Chakra. (Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard about it – it only surfaced for me recently in my research.)

I have been working with an energy point in my psychic development, especially with channeling and clairaudience. I began to realize that when I would channel, the energy would connect with me through the back of my head, where my spine and my skull would meet. As I worked with this energy point further, I realized that it was a minor point most of time, only really becoming noticeable during channeling sessions and when a guide who I had channeled would speak to me.

I was researching the chakras for an upcoming project when I stumbled upon mention of the Bindu Chakra. I had heard this term before, but directly in relation to the Brow chakra, not as a standalone structure of energy. I followed the links and found that indeed this was considered a fairly prominent chakra in Tantric lore.

Bindu translates to ‘focus, or point’. (Bindi are the jeweled or painted ‘points’ that Indian women adorn their foreheads with). The Bindu Chakra is said to be placed approximately at the point on the back of the head that I described earlier. It is where Indian holy men (called Brahmin) would grow a single tuft of hair on the back of their heads to honor this chakra. It is also said that this point can produce a nectar of immortality or poison of death. [1]The sited article also mentions that this chakra functions as the crown chakra for our four legged companions, as well as having acted as ours before we evolved into our current upright stance.

My experiences with this amazing chakra have led me to an understanding of it’s mythology. This point is affiliated with trance workings. It is this point that ‘springs’ us from our bodies to either venture astrally or in the shamanic realms, as well as to allow the energy of trusted guides to speak through us in channeling sessions.

The mythology of this being our ‘pre-upright crown chakra’ speaks of how societies have evolved. The world is losing many of it’s ecstatic trance practitioners. Many religions frown upon the use of altered states to commune with the realm of Spirit or deity. It was once common place for us to connect to these realities and experience them as if they were as physical as the body we inhabited. Now these practices have become watered down into meditation techniques (which are an invaluable but wholly separate practices). Worse yet, they are more frequently viewed as savage relics of ‘pre-civilized society’.

There is a movement to change that in many spiritual communities, even though some involved may not even recognize it. Certain Christian sects practice the arts of prophecy and speaking in tongues, which involve deep trance states. Spiritualism and the Lightwork/New Age communities utilize this chakra in channeling sessions. There is a resurgence of Earth based and experiential/ecstatic spiritual practices, such as Neo-shamanism and Wicca. The tides are turning back to valuing the personal spiritual experiences of realities.

The most pronounced understanding of the mythos of the Bindu chakra lies in the production of the Nectar of Immortality or the Poison of Death. This speaks to the power of knowledge and wisdom in my eyes. What I derive from this saying is that knowledge is powerful, but Wisdom and Experience are Immortal. This is the energy center that can synthesize our knowledge with our experiences. If the synthesis is successful, then we achieve inspiration and wisdom. If it is not successful, then we gain misunderstandings and misperceptions. The synthesis that could be transformed into wisdom has now become a dogma or such a rigid belief that one can’t budge from it.

It is also very important to note two further points. The first is that your nectar of immortality will likely differ from any other persons. Every experience and understanding of spirit is valuable, and wisdom doesn’t take the well worn roads. It happens in the shady unforged path that a person ventures out on by themselves. Every path has value, and it is vital to remember this point.

The next and final point I will make is that it is safest to train for trance work with an experienced practitioner. The focus and dedication required for certain types of trance can cause strong imbalances in the energy field if precautions aren’t taken and safeguards put in place. Just as if you were training for the Olympics, proper technique (whether swimming, running or gymnastics) is crucial to safety and success.


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  1. Hi!

    My name is Mariah, and I´m from Sweden, living in Stockholm.

    For several years now every time when I´ve had healing of any sort or channeled a spirituall guide, there´s been a small area in my upper right side at the back of my head turning HOT! At least, that´s what it feels like – as hot as if somebody was to hold an open flame an inch from my skin in that very spot.

    And nobody has ever been able to tell me what that is… At first I thougt it might be the Bindu chakra, but now reading what you´re writing I don´t know anymore. The point I´m talking about is higher up, like six cm down from the very top of the skull, (as I said) slightly to the right side (more to the right than being centered).

    Do you have any idea of what that might be? =)

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Mariah.

    There are a couple of different things that could be going on. It could be that you’re connecting with your guide or with the flow of healing energy a little off center to the chakra. Your connection may not be suffering, but it could be connecting with only part of the energy center, and not the whole thing. The only concern that this would raise would be if the messages from your guides were unclear. If that is the case, be sure that you are centered in your energy field when you ground before channeling. (In other words, be sure that your energy field is roughly equal on your left and right sides.)

    Another possibility is that this is simply your clairsentient confirmation of connection with your guides or healing energies.

    Other possibilities include an energetic imbalance manifesting as a strange sensation in your head, or a neurological or vascular ‘hot spot’ that becomes more prominent when you calm yourself.

    I think that you are most likely experiencing the first or second subjects. Try communicating with your guides to see what their perspective is, and if they don’t perceive a problem then work on connecting in a different manner. See if your guides can connect directly with the minor energy centers in your palms, without sending the energy through your spinal chakra system. If you still experience a burning sensation in your head, then it’s most likely a clairsentient confirmation. If not, then your guides may be connecting a little off from center.

    I have had my guides connect with my energy ‘off center’, and I began to experience migraines and insomnia. I found that if I extended my chakra outward through visualization, and I plugged into THEIR energy, then the symptoms lessened. Over time, my connections refined and now my guides connect without incident.

    A colleague of mine, Angela Chapko here in Lansing, overcame similar issues by practicing astral projection and connecting with her guides. This seemed to work well for her.

    I sincerely hope that this gave you some answers that you were looking for.

    Brightest Blessings,

  3. Hi Elige,
    It was delightful to read your article on the Bindu. Whilst practicing anapanasati, as taught by the Buddha, it was pressure here at the back of the skull, along with the vision of a red inverted triangle which preceded my breakthrough into Jhana.

    A long time afterwards I came to realise that this was my sign or nimitta. Firstly, I’d never heard of the bindu chakra and secondly, I didn’t realise that a nimitta can also be a ‘feeling’ nimitta.

    I don’t do much chakra meditation but if I do, then the bindu remains the clearest and most potent one for me. As I also have a deep interest in Kashmiri Shaivism, it has been interesting to discover that the bindu has links with Shiva & Shakti.


  4. I had a dream one day and it was my son the first few weeks he was born, however it was one of those dreams where it is not a person you know but in the dream you know that as someone you know. So here is my son and he simply tells me, ” Call me Bindu” So from that day I call my son Josiah by the nick name Bindu.

    In reality I feel energy like shivers only behind my head and it rediates uppwards and about mid way along my back following my spine. When I think of the Creator and his love for me and my gladness at serving him it radiates at my will almost.

    I was so amazed a few months ago when I fell upon this chakra. I had never heard about it before. This is a true story, I am really being honest here. Thanks for the post.

    I’d love ya to visit my site and hopefully something there can inspire you as you have inspired me

    Much Love to ya my friend. =) 8

  5. The Wheel of Joy (or Blisswhirling; Sanskrit: Anandachakra, Binduchakra) is also the ‘Wheel of the Three Poisons’ (Sanskrit: trikleśa; triviṣa). The nectar of immortality contains poison to all that do not surrender. Refer churning of the Ocean of Milk by the Devas (right side of energetic body, pingala) and Asuras (left side of the energetic body ida)… with the naga as kundalini or central channel refer

  6. Hi Elige,
    Thanks so much for posting this information, and for writing it with such heart and humbleness.
    Intuitively I resonate with your research and interpretations… And so wondered if I could ask a question!

    I am a healer, medium/channeller (though I do confess, a reluctant one initially)… And am very sensitive to energies. When I first began healing many years ago (taught directly by spirit; I was flippant,, didn’t listen, was impatient to the learning process, and so of course completely burned out! Experiencing headaches and all kinds of emotional and physical imbalances. Needless to say I learned the hard way, the importance of grounding, opening and closing etc! Since then, I adopt a fairly good spiritual practise, meditation, mindfulness and checking in with the body etc… Though of course, we never stop learning on this beautiful and extraordinary journey.

    The reason I write is because: at present, I have many requests for healing and readings… But have decided to take time out, as intuitively I feel I’m going through some metamorphosis, akin to a growth spurt in my healing and channelling… and wondered if you could shed some light on my symptoms. Apart from being ultra sensitive at present and shying away from dense energies; I’ve experienced… Hm the best way I can describe is the feeling of a head cold, in one small spot behind my third eye, right in the middle of my head… where the bindu chakra is positioned (which I’d never heard of until today). It does leave me feeling a bit stunned at times, and these have been experienced for long spells over quite a few months. Also, of late there have been a few occasions where I have experienced distorted vision (where I would see things kind of animated, not quite an altered sense of reality, but I do wonder what would have happened if I’d stayed with it instead if dismissing it!).
    I do not practice trance work (as I am fully conscious when spirit use me). That said, spirit have tried to entrain me for full trance, and reported that I was resistant (probably because I’m a psychotherapist, we can be very stubborn you know ;~))
    I think that’s most of the information that might be useful, and so would be grateful of any feedback that you could offer.
    Again, thank you for your post and I look forward to reading more,
    Blessings, Jacqueline

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