Channeled Solutions

Blessings to all!  This is a channeled message from some of my guides in response to the fear that many of us concerning the current political process.  This is meant to be a message of Peace, Love and Hope, and is in no way an endorsement of one candidate over another. Please forgive strange wordings, as sometimes I have difficulty in translating my channeling cohesively.

“We are all so blessed.  The changes upon the World Stage are apparent, and all present are cherished and loved beings.  Many have forgotten their Spirit in the impending transition, though.  All people are beautiful expressions of the Highest Love, yet fear is taking precedence in the actions and motivations of this process.  We implore you, Blessed Ones, to be diligent in holding space for Love, and not being motivated by fear.  If we act from fear, we perpetuate fear.  If we act from Love, then we perpetuate Love.  Love is the superior option.  Love is Truth.  If we find our Spirit-Spark and act from it, than we shall manifest Truth, Beauty and further Love.  If it is Peace that we are seeking, then we must act in Peace.  Peace is not a stillness.  Peace is balance and dynamic.  Choosing Peace is NOT choosing inaction.  It is in fact choosing to open the depths of your being and find a dynamic middle ground.  Peace is meant to be shared.  We share our Love and Peace by Honoring those around us.  Honor all Life, as it is a perfection expression.  In this, you must especially Honor those whom you do not necessarily agree with, for this is the Highest Expression of Love.  In this action, you honor Diversity, which is a pivotal and powerful Global Lesson.  Share Love through Kindness.  Share Peace through Action.  Share Honor through Listening and Acknowledgement.  Share Wisdom through Prayer. Share your Differences through Gratitude. Blessings to you all. Evangeline”

“Laugh my Friends!  You come to us with Worlds of differences, and we shall show you Universes of similarity!  Love is the single fiber of Soul uniting the many Worlds.  Celebrate that which you Love.  Laugh with that which you are Grateful for.  Be Present in each moment as an Opportunity for Greatness, for all moments in which you know Love, you are Magnanomous! Feast upon the wonders and triumphs that are before you in the NOW!  Stop waiting for a better time, for there is no better time than NOW!  Fear can only exist in the Now as a link to the past.  If you continue to project fear into the future, then it will manifest in a future NOW.  Break the cycle by embracing your Greatness.  Find your Greatness in Love.  Blessings. Orchid”

“We have all that we need.  We are infinitely provided for.  Your success is not dependent on the future.  Your success is dependent on the present moment.  Find those things that you are grateful for – then you will know of your success.  All beings of the world are meant for Success and Happiness.  Those who do not experience those things seek to exist in that which was or that which may be.  Surround yourself with treasures, not of gold or silver, but of joy and love.  Blessings, JS.”

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. I ask that when we all enter the world, that we may see that which blesses us, and that our fears our replaced with Love, Light, and Peace.  I am making a conscious decision today to spread Love instead of Fear, and I ask that you find your way to do the same. Thank you, Elige.


Everyday Mysticism – Nurturing your Divine Connections

Mysticism is defined by dictionary.com as “a doctrine of an immediate spiritual intuition of truths believed to transcend ordinary understanding, or of a direct, intimate union of the soul with God through contemplation or ecstasy.”In short order, mysticism is experiencing the Divine.Mysticism has gotten a misunderstood wrap over the years.A mystic is usually seen as some scantily clad guru that sits in contemplation upon a distant mountain top.This is true.Some see a mystic in those that give themselves over to monastic living, donning habits or robes to spend the majority of their time in prayer.This also is true.It may shock you, though, that a mystic is just as likely to wear a business suit in a boardroom as they are the archaic apparel of some religious order.

Here is my logic:God/Source/Divinity is everywhere at all times, in all things.If that is the case, how can we be separate from this in the first place?That’s right ladies and gentlemen.We are ALL constantly in a state of mystical union!So what’s the big difference between us and the adepts sitting in quiet meditation in some remote mountain getaway?They just REMEMBER that we are all of Source! That’s it!It really is that simple!

So, then let’s talk about this.You may be sitting there completely and thoughtfully understanding this. So, why don’t you feel more mystical?Our connections with Spirit or Source are not always physically perceptible.Our connection to Source is perceived much like the weather.There are days when I work from home and I won’t even get dressed until noon. (That’s right folks! There is a chance that when you’ve gotten your early morning phone readings that I’ve been swathed in a robe and my smiley face pajama pants! How’s that for a visual?)Well, when I do get ready to leave the house, I may peer out the window to see the bright and gorgeous sunshiney day, so I put on shorts and a short sleeved shirt, only then I find that this beautiful sunshine is part of a conspiracy of nature that insists on my catching hypothermia!So like the weather, Spirit gives us hints to our connection, but we don’t fully know it until we walk through the door.

The state of being that we normally think of as ‘mystical’ is actually a state called ‘ecstasy’, which means ‘rapturous delight or overpowering and intense emotion’.Ecstasy is actually derived from the Greek word meaning ‘trance’, and that is how we find our connection to Source.Ecstasy is basically the moment that we become aware of our wholeness in/with Source.Ecstasy is when the boundaries of ‘me’ fall away leaving ‘we’.

Here’s a contemplation/meditation to lead you into a state of everyday ecstasy.

Brew yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re not a coffee drinker).Sit and completely take in the aroma before you take your first sip. As you have your first taste, close your eyes and bring to mind the coffee bean that this delicious brew originated with.Let the full bodied taste wash over your tongue and mentally connect with the coffee plant that the bean came from.Follow it from a tiny seed sprouting to a fully grown plant bearing it’s bean.Feel the connection to mountainous soil that it’s grown in.See yourself completely as this plant.Now, as you take another sip, feel the hands of the man (or woman) who picked your bean.Feel their rugged earthy texture plucking you delicately from your stalk.Really feel him!What was his mood when he picked you?What was thinking about?What is his family like?Really feel it.Then, bring your awareness back to your brew.Take another sip and be aware of the water that supplied the liquid for your morning perk.In your mind, follow the water down into the water table or to the lake that your water comes from.Feel your awareness as expansive as that great lake.Allow it to expand, feeling the many forms of life that are supported inside of you.Simply be aware.Now allow your awareness to expand into the lofty waters in the clouds of the sky.Feel yourself floating high above the world.Feel the winds gently blowing you about.As you take another sip, feel yourself grow heavy and fall from your cloudy perch.Feel the freedom and smell the air as you rush downward, landing on the bean of a coffee plant.Now, once again feel the same hand reach out and pluck the bean, leaving you to fall into the mountainous soil.Feel the impact that you have against the ground.Realize now that you are the mountain.You are the plant.You are the farmer. You are the water.You are all things.We are all things.All things are one, in every moment. In every breath.In every sip of coffee.

Ecstasy and mysticism are all encompassing.These moments are simply labels, not for what we do, but for the moments that we remember all that we are.The strongest form of mysticism is when you allow yourself to realize that you are only separated from the person in front of you by thought.Thought or consciousness of separateness is the only thing that really makes you separate.

We are less like individual glasses of water, and more like waves of one great ocean.When we think of the individual waves, then we think of all of the Bobs and Janes.When we think of the great ocean, then we think in terms of Source.Being part of the ocean doesn’t make the wave any less individual or unique. If anything, it empowers the wave.Alone, a wave can leave a treasure on the beach or perhaps sully a sandcastle.When the wave is empowered by the ocean of which it is a part, then it can be a growing tide or even a tsunami!

When we seek power, as we as humans tend to do, then we can either find ways to differentiate ourselves or disengage from the crowd.When we find our power, our true power, it inevitably is the power of connection, the power of community, the power of Source, and of Unity.


Ascension – An Introduction

Ascension: An Introduction

Article: Ascension – An Introduction by Elige

Many of us may have heard about a process called Ascension. I’ve met many people who ascribed to ascension based beliefs and I usually ran the other way. Ascension usually implies a connection to a vast and confusing systemic background that involves at least 7 rays, 7 or 12 dimensions, chohan positions filled by various ascended masters, etc. It’s enough to boggle my mind.

A while back one of my guides, Evangeline, started talking to me about ascension and really cleared it up for me. Simply put, ascension is the process of rising or raising. It involves rising through the dimensions of existence by raising your base vibration. Evangeline explains this from the perspective of empathy, or centered in the heart.

We’ve all had those days where our world is just more challenging; we feel like everyone in the universe is ganging up on us; basically, we view the world as harsh and unkind. This can be seen as living through another dimension. We are still here, interacting with the same fleshy world, but the tone is different. The next day, we may wake and see the sun shining and hear the birds chirping and suddenly feel lighter and happier. Congratulations, you’ve just shifted your dimensional awareness!

The process of ascension is one in which we focus on aligning our energies with those of a higher vibration. Let me explain it this way: Goddess/God/Universe/Source exists on all planes and dimensions of existence. However, the purest form of Source exists on the highest dimension, or at the highest vibratory level. Think of it in terms of television. We can technically get in a number of channels with just an antennae, but it always seems that the show we want to watch is on a channel that isn’t coming in clearly. The rest always seems to be infomercials. Raising your vibratory rate is like getting satellite or cable. The channels come in more clearly. This doesn’t mean that all the channels have good shows on all of the time. It just means that you can see them all more clearly. Following this example, instead of being stuck watching infomercials all the time, we can change the channel to show we wanted to watch or find an even better one!

Ascension can be viewed as a process towards ‘en-light-enment’. I spell it out this way for two reasons. Many intuitives speak of ascension as becoming at one with the light. This is a great way to think of it, but I feel as though the next description is a better one. Ascension is moving past the heavy and burdensome experiences, leaving you feeling lighter. Fear, anger, pain and negativity in general are ‘heavier’ emotions, more tied to the human body. Ascension brings the awareness more squarely on the spirit, bringing the emotions that vibrate more closely with Source into perspective.

Evangeline describes the process as an empathic one because as humans, our emotions structure how the energy of our lives manifests. Our emotions guide us and form the very building blocks of our experiences. By shifting the emotional clarity into higher definition, then we begin to understand this process and how to take a more active role in it. We can live our lives closer to the Source! Once we make this shift, we start to see that all people are extensions of Source, and that we are so intimately connected that what happens to one happens to all. We then begin to understand that we may not control the life and experience of another, but that we can control our reactions to others. We begin to respond with compassion instead of judgment. We can empathize and help others, all the while maintaining our experience of vibratory closeness with Source. As we maintain our reality of compassion and higher vibration, we begin to attract experiences and people that reflect higher vibrations.

Most people who follow ascension practices call themselves Lightworkers. They choose to work exclusively with the energy of Light, while avoiding what they consider darkness or shadow. The problem with this is that every light casts a shadow. Ignoring the shadow doesn’t make it go away. Darkness represents fear and negativity to many lightworkers. Once fear is addressed, then darkness simply becomes Shadow, which is transition and consequence, or Karma/Reciprocity. We don’t seek to be beyond Karma, we seek to understand it.

I know, I know. I started sounding all cryptic and stuff. The reason is that the concepts and experiences of ascension are intuitively/emotionally/empathically based. We shift away from the readily defined physical into the realm of soft concepts. This is how all of those structures, dimensions, rays and chohans came about. It is our brain trying to interpret what our hearts are perceiving through our spirit. It doesn’t mean that they are wrong, it simply means that the rational language of the mind has to speak in metaphors about something beyond what it was designed to explain.

As a precursor to practicing ascension processes, try this little exercise. Write down every action you take over the next few hours, especially interactions with other people. After you’ve done this, rate your level of compassion in each action on a scale of one to ten. Not so easy, eh? The reason that I recommend doing this is two fold: first, so you can begin to shift your awareness to a compassion mind-set. Secondly, so that you can understand that explaining intuitive or emotional concepts isn’t something that the brain excels at, but that these types of experiences and understandings are how our spirits interact with the world.

There are many books out there that can help you further explore the structures and mythos of ascension. There are also many that give ascension processes. Chris Penzak has Ascension Magick. Diane Stein has the Essential Energy Balancing series. David Stone has written many books about ascension. There is also a book called The Light Shall Set You Free. Follow your intuition and find the book that resonates with you, remembering that the complexities of them are simply the spirit trying to make sense to the physical, and that your own experience can be much more simple while equally profound.