Ascension – An Introduction

Ascension: An Introduction

Article: Ascension – An Introduction by Elige

Many of us may have heard about a process called Ascension. I’ve met many people who ascribed to ascension based beliefs and I usually ran the other way. Ascension usually implies a connection to a vast and confusing systemic background that involves at least 7 rays, 7 or 12 dimensions, chohan positions filled by various ascended masters, etc. It’s enough to boggle my mind.

A while back one of my guides, Evangeline, started talking to me about ascension and really cleared it up for me. Simply put, ascension is the process of rising or raising. It involves rising through the dimensions of existence by raising your base vibration. Evangeline explains this from the perspective of empathy, or centered in the heart.

We’ve all had those days where our world is just more challenging; we feel like everyone in the universe is ganging up on us; basically, we view the world as harsh and unkind. This can be seen as living through another dimension. We are still here, interacting with the same fleshy world, but the tone is different. The next day, we may wake and see the sun shining and hear the birds chirping and suddenly feel lighter and happier. Congratulations, you’ve just shifted your dimensional awareness!

The process of ascension is one in which we focus on aligning our energies with those of a higher vibration. Let me explain it this way: Goddess/God/Universe/Source exists on all planes and dimensions of existence. However, the purest form of Source exists on the highest dimension, or at the highest vibratory level. Think of it in terms of television. We can technically get in a number of channels with just an antennae, but it always seems that the show we want to watch is on a channel that isn’t coming in clearly. The rest always seems to be infomercials. Raising your vibratory rate is like getting satellite or cable. The channels come in more clearly. This doesn’t mean that all the channels have good shows on all of the time. It just means that you can see them all more clearly. Following this example, instead of being stuck watching infomercials all the time, we can change the channel to show we wanted to watch or find an even better one!

Ascension can be viewed as a process towards ‘en-light-enment’. I spell it out this way for two reasons. Many intuitives speak of ascension as becoming at one with the light. This is a great way to think of it, but I feel as though the next description is a better one. Ascension is moving past the heavy and burdensome experiences, leaving you feeling lighter. Fear, anger, pain and negativity in general are ‘heavier’ emotions, more tied to the human body. Ascension brings the awareness more squarely on the spirit, bringing the emotions that vibrate more closely with Source into perspective.

Evangeline describes the process as an empathic one because as humans, our emotions structure how the energy of our lives manifests. Our emotions guide us and form the very building blocks of our experiences. By shifting the emotional clarity into higher definition, then we begin to understand this process and how to take a more active role in it. We can live our lives closer to the Source! Once we make this shift, we start to see that all people are extensions of Source, and that we are so intimately connected that what happens to one happens to all. We then begin to understand that we may not control the life and experience of another, but that we can control our reactions to others. We begin to respond with compassion instead of judgment. We can empathize and help others, all the while maintaining our experience of vibratory closeness with Source. As we maintain our reality of compassion and higher vibration, we begin to attract experiences and people that reflect higher vibrations.

Most people who follow ascension practices call themselves Lightworkers. They choose to work exclusively with the energy of Light, while avoiding what they consider darkness or shadow. The problem with this is that every light casts a shadow. Ignoring the shadow doesn’t make it go away. Darkness represents fear and negativity to many lightworkers. Once fear is addressed, then darkness simply becomes Shadow, which is transition and consequence, or Karma/Reciprocity. We don’t seek to be beyond Karma, we seek to understand it.

I know, I know. I started sounding all cryptic and stuff. The reason is that the concepts and experiences of ascension are intuitively/emotionally/empathically based. We shift away from the readily defined physical into the realm of soft concepts. This is how all of those structures, dimensions, rays and chohans came about. It is our brain trying to interpret what our hearts are perceiving through our spirit. It doesn’t mean that they are wrong, it simply means that the rational language of the mind has to speak in metaphors about something beyond what it was designed to explain.

As a precursor to practicing ascension processes, try this little exercise. Write down every action you take over the next few hours, especially interactions with other people. After you’ve done this, rate your level of compassion in each action on a scale of one to ten. Not so easy, eh? The reason that I recommend doing this is two fold: first, so you can begin to shift your awareness to a compassion mind-set. Secondly, so that you can understand that explaining intuitive or emotional concepts isn’t something that the brain excels at, but that these types of experiences and understandings are how our spirits interact with the world.

There are many books out there that can help you further explore the structures and mythos of ascension. There are also many that give ascension processes. Chris Penzak has Ascension Magick. Diane Stein has the Essential Energy Balancing series. David Stone has written many books about ascension. There is also a book called The Light Shall Set You Free. Follow your intuition and find the book that resonates with you, remembering that the complexities of them are simply the spirit trying to make sense to the physical, and that your own experience can be much more simple while equally profound.