Channeled Solutions

Blessings to all!  This is a channeled message from some of my guides in response to the fear that many of us concerning the current political process.  This is meant to be a message of Peace, Love and Hope, and is in no way an endorsement of one candidate over another. Please forgive strange wordings, as sometimes I have difficulty in translating my channeling cohesively.

“We are all so blessed.  The changes upon the World Stage are apparent, and all present are cherished and loved beings.  Many have forgotten their Spirit in the impending transition, though.  All people are beautiful expressions of the Highest Love, yet fear is taking precedence in the actions and motivations of this process.  We implore you, Blessed Ones, to be diligent in holding space for Love, and not being motivated by fear.  If we act from fear, we perpetuate fear.  If we act from Love, then we perpetuate Love.  Love is the superior option.  Love is Truth.  If we find our Spirit-Spark and act from it, than we shall manifest Truth, Beauty and further Love.  If it is Peace that we are seeking, then we must act in Peace.  Peace is not a stillness.  Peace is balance and dynamic.  Choosing Peace is NOT choosing inaction.  It is in fact choosing to open the depths of your being and find a dynamic middle ground.  Peace is meant to be shared.  We share our Love and Peace by Honoring those around us.  Honor all Life, as it is a perfection expression.  In this, you must especially Honor those whom you do not necessarily agree with, for this is the Highest Expression of Love.  In this action, you honor Diversity, which is a pivotal and powerful Global Lesson.  Share Love through Kindness.  Share Peace through Action.  Share Honor through Listening and Acknowledgement.  Share Wisdom through Prayer. Share your Differences through Gratitude. Blessings to you all. Evangeline”

“Laugh my Friends!  You come to us with Worlds of differences, and we shall show you Universes of similarity!  Love is the single fiber of Soul uniting the many Worlds.  Celebrate that which you Love.  Laugh with that which you are Grateful for.  Be Present in each moment as an Opportunity for Greatness, for all moments in which you know Love, you are Magnanomous! Feast upon the wonders and triumphs that are before you in the NOW!  Stop waiting for a better time, for there is no better time than NOW!  Fear can only exist in the Now as a link to the past.  If you continue to project fear into the future, then it will manifest in a future NOW.  Break the cycle by embracing your Greatness.  Find your Greatness in Love.  Blessings. Orchid”

“We have all that we need.  We are infinitely provided for.  Your success is not dependent on the future.  Your success is dependent on the present moment.  Find those things that you are grateful for – then you will know of your success.  All beings of the world are meant for Success and Happiness.  Those who do not experience those things seek to exist in that which was or that which may be.  Surround yourself with treasures, not of gold or silver, but of joy and love.  Blessings, JS.”

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. I ask that when we all enter the world, that we may see that which blesses us, and that our fears our replaced with Love, Light, and Peace.  I am making a conscious decision today to spread Love instead of Fear, and I ask that you find your way to do the same. Thank you, Elige.