Reflection: A little about me

So I decided to update my blog and start using it again. I completely revamped the look of the blog site, changing everything top to bottom to bring it up to date! I then noticed that I had some very out of date links to my old website, so I changed those as well.  This prompted me to go through and start looking at some of the posts…… I ended up weeding out a lot of old posts. Many of these simply because they were out of date (such as when I was doing Energy Updates – astrological type forecasts – from back in 2008). But what really struck me was my post – A Little About Me.

In this post, I wrote about my aspirations, goals and ambitions. I also wrote about my life and it painted such a lovely picture…..of who I was.  It really struck such a chord with me because none of what was written – nothing – was up to date.  I was dumbfounded. Many of these goals and ambitions have since changed and evolved.  Some have come to fruition. A few, I’m still working on. As for the glimpse of the life I shared in that post, it is all but a memory now.

At first, I had the reaction that many people may have – self-deprecation. How could I let something get so out of date? But — and I’m very proud at how quickly I checked myself on this — I was able to move almost instantly into the space of seeing it as a blessing.  What a wonderful gift from Spirit to be able to re-introduce myself. And what a divine reminder to check-in with how far I’ve come, and how I’ve grown.

We are in a perpetual process of discovering ourselves, defining who we are. Like trees in the most ancient forests, we never stop growing. We never stop seeking the warmth of the light that guides us; as long as our roots are firmly planted, our souls can be properly nourished on this journey of spirit.

So, without further ado, this is where my beautiful journey has brought me to…..

I’m Elige Stewart, a psychic medium in Lansing, Michigan.  While I enjoy writing, I find that I don’t do nearly enough of it for my taste.  I live with a seizure disorder, which I found out about in my mid-twenties, and definitely influences most areas of my life.  I love dance – especially tribal belly dance – but my true passion has always been service to Spirit, which I express through mediumship and teaching spiritually based classes, but also more quietly through volunteerism and giving back to the community.  I consider myself a Spiritualist, but that’s more because I feel that the Divine is far too big to fit into any one religion.  I’m a mystic – I want to feel Spirit for myself. But truthfully, these are just labels, and many times labels just get in the way.

My current goals are to express more gratitude, live more joyfully, write more often (including at least weekly blog posts), live in the moment, get my activity level up again, and know that I am being the best Me that I can be.

My professional goals are to work platform/offer gallery readings (group or audience mediumship readings), publish more writing – preferably in book form, and to be able to travel and offer classes and readings.