Empaths and Manifesting Part 2


Nothing to Excess

When it comes to manifesting, nobody really talks about going overboard, and how if you aren’t clear on what your intentions are, it’s ridiculously easy to sabotage yourself. This is especially true of empaths.  Empaths gravitate towards excess.  If a little is good, then a LOT must be better, right?  Here’s the trouble with that mindset: it’s actually hiding something else.  It’s an easy fix for not being clear on your baseline.  For example, how many people have tried to manifest winning the lottery or just randomly coming across a couple of million dollars? And how many of these people were successful?…….Exactly.

Having a crap ton of money sounds great on paper, but that’s not what most people actually want.  Think about it, will staring at stacks of cash lined up in front of you bring you the sense of joy and satisfaction that you’re attempting to manifest?  (Sure, okay, yes. I get it – you would totally do the super mega happy dance if that happened – who wouldn’t? But, how long will those pieces of paper bring you joy on their own?)  Most folks don’t necessarily want the money itself – they want the freedom that the money represents.

It’s also an easy band-aid for the lazy approach to manifesting.  Let’s say you want to move to Hawaii. What is it that you actually focus on manifesting?……The money to do it. In your mind, the money is the only thing standing in your way. If you had a million dollars, then you would totally move to Hawaii without a second thought! But, what does it take to live in Hawaii? How is it you plan on moving? Are you just going to leave your stuff here and get all new stuff when you move? Where in Hawaii do you want to live? What is it about Hawaii that draws you; does it feel like home, or does it feel like a vacation? Are you looking to move towards the island life, or are you just trying to get away from the life you’ve created where you currently reside?

This ties in to why empaths tend towards excess.  When you take the weight of the world onto your shoulders, you end up trying to escape that weight somehow.  This can be through excessive (sometimes addictive) habits – eating, shopping, even exercise. Empaths swing to the extremes in our actions in an attempt to numb the pain, give a little more ‘cushion’, etc.  The deeper message that you are actually aiming for : “I want to be strong enough/have enough for…..”. In reality, what this is telling the Universe: “I’m not strong enough” or “I don’t have enough”.  Another interpretation is  “I want a situation that gives me permission to not worry about……”.  Guess what – you have that permission.  You don’t need your situation to change to lay those burdens down.  And despite what you may have been taught in this wacky world, worrying and bearing someone’s burden is NOT the same as caring for them. Guilt, burden and worry are not the same as Love, Compassion and Care.

Here’s a little food for thought: Is the third slice of cake any more enjoyable than the first? Notice how I’m in no way suggesting that cake is anything less than a divine experience when done properly. Nor am I even remotely hinting that you should not enjoy some cake. Eat cake to your heart’s content – and that’s the point I’m making.  The heart is content with the first piece of cake.  The second, well, we can let that slide – maybe you’re having a decadent dinner of dessert. In that case, eat away! Enjoy the hell out of it! But in all honesty, are you going to be satisfied by anything less than the whole cake? What happens when the cake is gone? When we move into excessive mindset and behavior, what we are actually feeding is a mentality of lack.  We are trying to stockpile and enjoy the cake now because we’re already anticipating that moment when the cake is gone, so we better get our fill while we can.

I know that this could read as a giant “what not to do” list, so let’s leave Delphi and travel a bit further East for a bit of inspiration.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2.46

Sthira-sukham asanam

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is the sacred writing that most modern yoga practice actually stems from. It’s a writing of philosophy and practice that talks about the true aim of yoga, which is a form of spiritual union.  So let’s pull this little gem out as a guidepost.  ‘Sthira-sukham asanam’ is most often translated to “posture (asana) [should be] stable (sthira) and comfortable (sukha)”.  That’s a great translation, but a more literal translation is “resolutely abide in a good space”.  *

Sthira can be translated to be firm, strong, courageous. Sukha is more literally gentle, joyful, virtuous. And while asana most often refers to yoga postures (at least in the West), it’s etymological root means to dwell, inhabit, to be present.  To me, this is a guidepost to manifesting amazingness! I’ve taken this to mean:

Joyfully and Courageously Be Present.

Joyful – check. Courageous – we got it.  Being present – this is where we frequently get tangled up.  Being present means to be fully engaged in the world in the way that it’s currently presenting itself to you. This means to be engaged and conscious with the actual, tangible world in front of you – not escaping it by gluing your nose to your smartphone, or by eating/drinking/shopping/whatevering the experience away. What’s probably the most difficult is not sinking into your world of thought that’s either aimed at playing the past over and over, or playing out the many potentials of the future to give yourself a since of escape (or to allow yourself time to brace for all the things that could go wrong).

You’ve gotta go out of your mind to get into your Soul. Breathe deeply. Dance madly. Allow yourself the space to be absolutely wild and crazy! The future that you’re manifesting is not divorced from the present that you’re living. The more we place a focus into the future without bringing it into the now, the more likely we are to use the art of manifestation as an escape instead of a tool of conscious co-creation.

There are lots of ways to get out of your mind and into your Soul, which will be what the third and final post in this series addresses.

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*See https://yogainternational.com/article/view/sthira-and-sukha-steadiness-and-ease for a great article on Sukha and Sthira in yoga practice BY ROBERT SVOBODA & SCOTT BLOSSOM, which is also where I pulled the translations from.


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