Empaths and Manifesting Part 3


Out of your Mind and Into your Soul

We are so mistaken when we begin to think that we are our thoughts.  Our thoughts are just a reflection – either reflecting and making sense of our environment, or outwardly reflecting the truth at our core, the substance of our Soul.  It can sometimes be difficult to ascertain which is which, especially for the Empath.  We can take on the truth of others and create our whole world around it without even consciously realizing that’s what we’re doing. Once we recognize our truth, then our focus alone can bring that into being.

The tools that we’re going to discuss are primarily geared to helping refine and shift our focus.  As empaths, we tend to live in our intangible world of emotion. It can be really difficult to harness this and maintain the focus long enough to bring about the changes that we desire. We are also more susceptible to the currents of energy in the world around us, and many times it feels like we’re fighting those currents instead of flowing with them. One of the best tools I’ve learned to assist with that is to pay attention to timing. These are the focal points for the last two posts in the series – Tangibility and Timing.

Make it More Real!

The inner world is the natural habitat of the empath. We live more internally than externally, making the commute back and forth between our hearts and our heads. Many times we will get so caught up in this back and forth of thought to emotion to thought to emotion…that we neglect to fully realize our desires out into the world of the physical. Sometimes it just seems easier to allow our desires to play out as fantasies than to actually work to manifest them.

One of the hardest parts of manifesting for an empath is to keep the focus on par with what it is that you’re bringing into creation.  We can so easily get distracted by the needs/wants/desires of other people that our own get lost in the shuffle (or relegated to the realm of daydreams).  One of the best tools I find for this particular issue is Affirmations.

Affirm and Activate

Here is an easy method for using affirmations.  First, craft the affirmation as an ‘I am’ statement.  For the empath, consider what it is that you’re bringing into creation. Then, consider the emotion that this is feeding. Be sure to also include gratitude in your affirmation . Thankfulness is a powerful key to manifestation! Finally, craft your statement in the present tense that leads with the emotion that generates the manifested result. Let me show you what I mean.

I am so happy and grateful for my job that recognizes my contributions to the company. (or I am so happy and grateful for my workplace that loves and respects me.)

I am so grateful for the love I have with my partner.

I am so thankful and blessed in my new home in the countryside with the fireplace and the polebarn. 

Once you’ve crafted your statement of intent, you need to make it your statement of attent(ion)! In other words, you have to activate it.  Easiest method: Look yourself square in the eye in a mirror and repeat your statement roughly ten times. Do this a few times a day. Then, empath it out! Find the little things in your that bring the same emotion that your statement expressed.  These are the moments that are fueling your rocket of desire out of your mind and into the manifest world. By attaching gratitude to your statement, it becomes a little easier.  Look for what makes you feel grateful.  (And don’t hold out for the world-changing shift to find gratitude! Be grateful for your work supplying real creamer for your coffee instead of the powdered stuff. Find thankfulness that you got a great parking space. Express your thanks for your neighbor smiling at you and wishing you a good morning.)

Keep a watch for the little tokens of the emotional fuel of your affirmation as well. Taking from our examples above, be happy for being able to laugh at the funny joke a coworker told you, or the email you got from a client at work.  Reflect the love that you see between your best friend and their partner (or if everyone you know is single – or should be – then look to Hollywood for couples that embody the type of love that you are looking for. Find a movie that paints the picture of your ideal mate and watch it.) From there, seek out the things that bring more of that feeling. For instance, drive around the countryside and take it in as the feeling of ‘home’.  Take yourself on the date that you want your soon-to-be significant other to take you on.

Accountability is also a great tool to help facilitate the shaping of your world. Tell a trusted friend about what you’re bringing into existence.  When you do this, don’t tell them what you want to do. Tell them that you’re doing it. “I’ve decided that I’m going to move to the countryside and buy a farm.” or “I’m ready for a relationship again and this one is going to knock my socks off.” This helps to bring it further into the manifested reality of your life.  Now somebody knows your intention, and don’t be surprised when they start to help bring that into being with you. We are all emissaries of the Universe and you never know – that friend may tell you about the opening at another company that’s your dream job, or go with you to the open house for your new home.

Now, admittedly many of us have some precursory work to do to help boost our manifesting ability.  (This is a nice way of saying that we’ve all got baggage that may stand in the way to our happiness.) Here’s a test to see how clear your path to manifesting is. Look in the mirror and state this affirmation: I am smart. I am loved beyond reason. I am beautiful. And I am worthy. 

What is your reaction to this? How does it make you feel? Uncomfortable? Do you avoid looking into your own eyes? Does it make you want to cry? Do you feel kind of sick to your stomach when you say it? These are common reactions!! We are taught that we simply aren’t good enough, and that this is the reason why we don’t have nice things.  This is a fantastic affirmation that kick starts our healing process to bring us back on the mark towards being who we really are.

Vision Boxes

The first thing that many people find when they look into manifesting their reality is frequently Vision Boards.  I don’t think that these are particularly effective for empaths.  Why? Because empaths tend to be much more tactile people. This is a blanket statement, of course, but it seems to hold true.  The other downfall of the vision board is that it doesn’t incite action. What do you do with your vision board? You look at it. Then what?…..

I think that we tend to do much better with things like Vision Boxes. Craft a box in the same manner you would a vision board.  Place images on it that bring out the emotion that is fueling your manifestation and that embody the change that you are consciously creating. Put pictures of happy couples on it, or of people happily working, or of the decor that you will have in your new house, etc. Don’t forget about the inside! Line it with felt or satin, or put pictures on the inside of the lid too!

Next, make a commitment that you will place something in the box on a regular basis that brings you closer to your goal.  You want to go on a big vacation? Start placing money inside the box to save for it, but not just the money. Pin the money to a note of what you intend to use that money for on your vacation.  And it doesn’t have to be huge amounts. (I mean, your bank account may be a safer place to store the bulk of your cash). Put in a ten dollar bill with a note that this is to buy your first margarita on the beach.  Find out how much the admission is to the museum you want to go to on your vacation and put that in the box.  You could also put your plane tickets in there once they’re purchased, or even a picture or the receipt for the new swimsuit you just bought. In this way, you are actively working towards that goal and every time you open that box to add your latest ‘donation’, then you will feel the excitement build for that goal!

What happens when your box is all full and you can’t fit anything else in it?  Well, if you’re stashing your money in the box, take the cash and deposit it but leave all of the notes that you attached to it. If it’s full of treasures to support your manifestation, then it may be time to make a bigger box! Each time you make a new box, it’s also a chance to refine your focus and expand your goal.

The Vision Box shows you that you are in fact bringing your desire into reality, and gives you the visible evidence to prove it!

Tokens and Talismans

Some gemstones and crystals can help you manifest your desires more easily.  Citrine, kyanite, red chalcedony and apatite are all in this category. But, as with all things in the art of manifesting, they are most powerful when you pair them with awareness and action. As a matter of fact, the actual token that you use doesn’t have to be made or crafted of any particular material or substance.  It’s far more important that it activates a part of your awareness and helps to bolster your attention.

Gratitude stones or charms can are small simple items that you place in your pocket.  Anytime you touch them, take the space of three breaths to yourself.  The first breath, focus on feeling appreciation and gratitude for whatever is happening in that moment.  With the second breath, find the place of connection with whoever is around you in the moment and think of something that you are grateful for about them.  Third breath, bring to mind what you are manifesting and silently give your thanks for it being a part of your life.  When using the gratitude charm, try to remember to smile.

Another type of token can be a special form of jewelry – a ring, necklace, bracelet, whatever. Whenever you feel a positive emotion that you want to fuel your desire, then touch the piece of jewelry. Conversely, any time you touch, brush or fidget with the piece of jewelry (consciously or if you catch yourself doing it unconsciously) then find something in that moment that evokes a sense of peace, gratitude, joy, or any other positive emotion that can be used to fuel your desire.

These are just a few tools to consider when honing your focus and aligning your emotions with your desires.  In the fourth and final installment of the series we will take a look at using ceremony and ritual to help our manifesting ability.

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