Intuitive Insomniac Chronicles: Gettysburg Investigation parts 1 & 2

Hi everyone!

I recently had the pleasure of going to Gettysburg PA for a paranormal investigation.  After the second night of investigation, I was unable to sleep, so I decided to shoot this series of videos at sunrise. The lighting and sound aren’t the greatest, and I’m not my normal articulate bubbly self since I was running off of 4 hours of sleep over a 56 hour period.  Lots of ums and a bit meandering, however, I got to share the fun I was having!

These are the first two videos in the series. The first is an overview of the trip, and the second discusses my experiences at the orphanage.


Overview of Gettysburg Trip


Recap of Investigation at the Orphanage in Gettysburg

The next post will include a video on the paranormal investigation techniques that I personally use, and the recap of Jennie Wade House investigation.