Reading Parties

Local Party Details:

Local parties are held in the Greater Lansing Area (within a 30 minute drive of Downtown Lansing)

Optimal amount of time: 2 – 3 hours  (Minimum amount of time is 2 hours for a party with mini readings.)

Minimum of 6 people.  It is advisable to have the roster organized prior to the gathering, so that people know when they can expect to be seen.


Auragraphs and Spirit Guide Drawing Readings can also available if I’m told ahead of time, and these require 30 minutes or more each. (Please plan accordingly, and this will limit the number of sessions I’m able to do in the alotted.)

If the total reading time runs more than 3 hours , then we may want to have a second reader.  I work with several readers on a regular basis, so we can discuss having one (or more) of them come out as well.

Please allow for adequate space, seating and privacy for each reader.  We can bring tables with us to work from if necessary.

Gallery Readings (group readings) are available for $30 per person for a 1-1.5 hour session for groups of 6 or more. (There is no maximum number of people for gallery, and not everyone will necessarily receive a message.)  Private sessions are limited, and available for 1 hour following the gallery reading, though are not necessary to book a gallery reading.

Once the details of the party are set, I will email you an agreement to sign and return.


Travel party requirements:

If the location is outside of the Greater Lansing Area, a travel fee will be determined, or the reading fees will be adjusted according to travel time/distance, and may be required as a deposit to book the party. In addition, a second reader may be required for travel parties, and the minimum number is 8 people.

Special/Public Events: 

Special event pricing and availability varies.  Contact me for details.