Eli offers a wide variety of services. Read up a bit and see which service is going to best suit your needs!


A reading is a consultation where I take a look at what’s going on around you on a spiritual and energetic level. These can be your own energies (the energies of your ‘aura’), the energies that you’re manifesting in you’re life, or the energies of spiritual beings that are surrounding you. I use a variety of formats, methods, and tools to perform a reading. On occasion, I may use tools, such as cards or astrology, to hone or clarify the impressions I’m receiving. On occasion, a spirit portrait may come through during a mediumship sitting (where we are focusing on afterlife communication), though not all sittings produce a portrait.

Psychic Art

An Auragraph is an artistic expression of the reading. When I do an auragraph, I’m led by spirit and the result is frequently a visual representation of the reading itself.  It may also be a mandala or empowered image to focus your meditations upon. When I do an auragraph, I tend to use a combination of colored pencils and pastels. I also offer Spirit Guide Portraits. If I am doing a portrait of your guide, my preferred medium is graphite and charcoal.

Coaching and Mentorship

Coaching and Mentoring packages are available, where we blend intuitive insight with the tools of goal setting, manifesting your will, spiritual mentorship, or one-on-one educational experience.

Energy Healing

Pulling from the traditions of Reiki, Spiritualist Healing, Conjure, Shamanic practices, Vibrational Sound Healing and many others, I’m able to offer a unique healing experience to promote well-being, vibrance, and energetic balance.