Spiritual Healing

I pull from a variety of modalities to provide a well rounded and highly effective healing session.  (I also teach many of these modalities in class or one-on-one format.)  No energy healing is a replacement for traditional medical care, nor should it be construed as such. Energy healing can enhance the work that you are doing with your traditional medical provider, but should never be used in place of it.

Reiki – Reiki is a simple but incredibly effective spiritual energy healing modality to support wellness, health, and to facilitate stress reduction. I am a certified Reiki Master, and Reiki is usually the ‘starting point’ format for most of my healing sessions. I’ve studied traditional Usui, Kundalini, Blue Fire and Karuna Ki Reiki as part of my own training.

Shamanic Healing Techniques – These techniques help to remove blockages in the energy field, as well as to facilitate spiritual healing and growth. A technique called Soul Retrieval is also a beautiful and powerful practice that I’ve found very empowering in healing trauma.

Conjure Healing – Conjure not only works within the body to heal, but can also help to address external conditions that may be hindering your growth and finding wellness, balance and happiness. The tools from conjure may involve anointing with oils, prayer work, setting lights (candle work), to name a few tools from this modality.

Medical Intuition – While many people think of medical intuition as psychic diagnosis, they are simply wrong. Medical intuition helps us to understand the deeper dimensions of what our experience with our body is telling us on a spiritual level, and can help to give insight into how to improve the quality of our lives.

Healing Session Pricing

Single Session – $75

4 Session Package –  $275

6 Session Package – $400

Healing Sessions can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 75 minutes. We schedule the remaining sessions for a package at the initial appointment, though we can reschedule appointments as needed (with at least 24 hour notice prior to scheduled appointment).

Distance Healing Sessions will usually involve a short check in by phone or text as the scheduled session to begin the session. I may lead you through a guided meditation over the phone, or have you sit in meditation to open yourself to the healing energies as I’m doing the work.  Then (unless otherwise stated) we will have a brief conversation at the end of the session to help process the energy shifts that you’ve experienced, and so that I can share any insights experienced while performing the work.