A reading is a consultation where I take a look at what’s going on around you on a spiritual and energetic level. These can be your own energies (the energies of your ‘aura’), the energies that you’re manifesting in you’re life, or the energies of spiritual beings that are surrounding you. I use a variety of formats, methods, and tools to perform a reading. On occasion, I may use tools, such as cards or astrology, to hone or clarify the impressions I’m receiving.

Reading Rates:

$140 Full Session (75 minutes)

$120 Hour Session

$85 Forty minute Session

$25 Single Question Email Reading ($40 for 2 questions)

Psychic Art Rates:

$140 Auragraph (includes an mp3 recording of reading conducted while Auragraph is rendered)

$140 Spirit Guide Portrait (includes an mp3 recording of messages and guided meditation to help you connect with your guide).

A bit more about the readings…..

Mediumship is the process of communicating with Spirits. This includes connecting to deceased loved ones and spirit guides, and the focus of mediumship is to provide evidence of the continuation of life after death, as well as guidance, support and inspiration from your ‘Team on the Other Side of the Veil’.

Intuitive or Psychic Reading is the process of accessing your energies for a ‘check in’ of what you’re manifesting in your life through your thoughts and actions. While we may look at future potentials, please understand that no future path is set in stone. We also take a look to see what appears to be the most fruitful and joyful path of development and advancement for you from a spiritual perspective, and how to maximize on these potentials for your highest fulfillment.

To book a phone reading, prepay at the online store or click here.  Then email or call me to set up a time.

An Auragraph is an artistic expression of the reading. When I do an auragraph, I’m led by spirit and the result is frequently a visual representation of the reading itself.  It may also be a mandala or empowered image to focus your meditations upon. When I do an auragraph, I tend to use a combination of colored pencils and pastels.  If I am doing a portrait of your guide, my preferred medium is graphite and charcoal.  When you commission a psychic art piece, please let me know if there is a particular question you’d like to address with the auragraph, or if there is a particular guide you wanted me to bring through in the drawing. There will be an audio-recording of messages from your guides, either while I’m doing the drawing, or afterwards to help you to connect with the information in the art piece. Please email a photograph of yourself and your date of birth for any psychic art pieces.   (I do occasionally offer short-form auragraphs at in-person events.)

To commission a piece of psychic art, prepay at the online store or click here.  Then email or call me to set up a time.