Empaths and Manifesting Part 1


Empaths and Manifesting Part 1: The Wise Walls of the Delphi Temple

Manifesting is easy. We do it all the time. There is so much material on consciously creating your reality that is available out there already. (I’m having a torrid love affair with the teachings of Abraham at the moment). When engaging the Law of Attraction to consciously co-create your experience the Universe, there are many different theories and approaches, but they all have one thing in common: your emotions are a key component.  Emotions act as both a fuel for your desires, as well as a guidance system for when you’re off the beaten path towards your goals. Because of this, empaths have a unique challenge when it comes to manifesting.

Empaths frequently have the added challenge of having to sort through their emotional landscape to determine what is theirs versus what is someone else’s emotional experience.  This can be confusing and detrimental to the process of creating our world, or it can be a beautiful boost to our ability to create.

It’s important to remember that we are always manifesting.  ALWAYS. The first step to doing this more effectively is to be conscious of how and what we manifest. This is where I look to the wisdom of the temple of Delphi for guidance. On the walls of temple where the famous oracles were revered is the most simple and profound phrase: Know Thyself. This is coupled with a lesser revered piece of wisdom carved into the walls as well: Nothing to Excess. These are the two key phrases that guided the oracles at Delphi, as well as the people that came to see them.

Know Thyself

Knowing yourself has a few different components to it for empaths.  First, we have to be fully aware of what OUR emotional state is.  To know this, we have to find our emotional baseline – that frequency that we are operating at on any given day.  I find it helpful to become aware of the baseline as soon as I wake. Try keeping an impression journal: start your day by recording your dreams if you remember them, but also take a good look at what you’re feeling.  When we sleep, we go through a little bit of a ‘re-boot’, which allows us to engage the world from an entirely different perspective than what we had the day before.

“But what if I wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” No worries! This happens to the best of us! First though, let’s correct this line of thinking. There is no ‘wrong’ side of the bed.  How you feel is how you feel.  Honor your baseline, even if it isn’t exactly where you want it to be. This gives you a prime opportunity to shift your emotional frequency to a place that’s more appealing.  When this happens, it’s actually a wonderful gift – the opportunity to truly explore where you are, in this moment.  What is this feeling telling you? How is your emotional guidance system telling you that you are out of alignment with your current circumstance?  Are you off the path to what it is that you’re telling the Universe that you want to realize?  Are you just off-beat – trying to dance against the rhythm of the Universe instead of being in time with it?  If this is the case, are you resisting, or maybe you’re trying to move faster than the currents of creation? These are just a few points to ponder, to get you thinking of what’s brewing beneath the surface.

When you rise, give yourself a few moments of contemplation. Sit for a moment and look to the core of your baseline.  What do you wish to change about that feeling? What aspect of your emotional landscape do you want to heighten? (Be careful here! It’s really easy to identify that part that we don’t want. Realization of it is one thing, but don’t let that be the seed driving you. You’re feeding the feeling with your focus, so make sure that you’re feeding the flowers and not the weeds.) Once you’re aware of this focal point, figure out all of the things that can support it and help it to flourish, then start bringing those things into being.

The key point to remember here is to be in the present moment. Let’s look at an example to illustrate this point and tie this all together. Say you’re wanting to consciously manifest a new job for yourself, and you wake up on the ‘wrong’ side of the bed.  Once you sit in contemplation, you realize that it’s because you don’t want to go in to your present job today.  When you dig in, you realize that you have lost all love for your position. Why? Let’s say that it’s because you’re bored and unappreciated. That’s great! We have a starting point! How can you feed the feelings of excitement and appreciation? These don’t have to be earth-shattering kind of actions. Decide to wear something bold, something that’s exciting and makes you smile. You can take a different route into your job.  Maybe pick up donuts or a card for an office mate that shows how much you appreciate them. Once you shift your mind into this space, then think about ways to manifest that new job. Give your resume the once over and consider changing a phrase or two to something a bit more exciting. (For instance, instead of ‘receptionist’ or answering phones’, you could ‘help direct and connect callers to the resources that can help them the most’.) Then, it’s a matter of finding and following your inspiration. Once you create the proper emotional environment for your manifestation to become sustained, then it magnetizes to you! It already exists – you’ve already created it. It’s about holding the space for it to express into the world around you. It’s drawn to you like a magnet.

Now, for empaths, having this baseline also helps you to be more aware of what is yours and what’s someone elses. Empaths are exquisite manifesters because the emotional charge is a bit higher than other folks’ might be. But this can create a lot of turmoil and heartache too, because we tend to take on other people’s junk as our own.  By feeding your own baseline, you will start to notice that your emotional output is stronger too. Your good mood becomes infectious. You may also notice that certain people just aren’t around you as much. That’s because empaths are super magnets! We attract what’s in alignment with our field of creation, and those things that aren’t simply don’t stick. The people and situations that aren’t in alignment with you are either ‘repelled’ by your vibration because it doesn’t match their own, or because you’re manifesting so much of your focused desire that they just don’t command the same attention from you.

Imagine, if you will, a sheet of aluminium foil with iron filings on it. When you run the magnet across the surface, the iron filings will attract and stick to the magnet, but the aluminium foil (even though it’s metal) just stays there. And what happens to the iron filings on the magnet? They carry that magnetic charge through them and attract more iron filings. Empaths function like an electromagnet – that extra voltage super charges and grows that magnetic field. The trick is to make sure that your magnetic field is being charged by focusing on what you do want instead of what you don’t.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t come into contact with people or situations that aren’t ‘magnetizable’; but it does mean that those people and situations won’t stick to you, as long as you don’t shift your focus into alignment with their focus.  Keep your focus on your own baseline, and you’ll soon find that they just aren’t woven into the fabric of your reality – they are more like a loose thread that eventually falls away.

In Part 2 of the Empaths and Manifesting series, we will talk about the other part of the idiom – Nothing to Excess – as well as look further east for some inspiration. (Part 2 will be posted a little later this week.)

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Getting Out of Your Own Way


It’s one thing to state that we create our own reality, to believe it. It’s another when we can see the workings of how we’ve created it, and it isn’t necessarily pretty. We frequently get caught in a cycle of attracting what we don’t want, and it primarily boils down to three main reasons:

  1. Focusing on what we DON’T want to manifest instead of what we do
  2. Fear, and lastly
  3. Not being clear on what it is we actually want

It is a deceptively easy practice to fall into putting our focus on what we don’t want instead of keeping our eyes on the actual goal.  As a matter of fact, it’s a necessary part of the process of creating a life that you desire to develop opinions, which means that you will need to be aware that there are things out there that aren’t to your taste.  When it becomes a problem is when these dislikes begin to drive your desires and what you’re manifesting in your life.  (More on this in a moment.)

Fear seems like a pretty straightforward hindrance to your happiness, but it wears many different guises and creeps into places that it just doesn’t belong.  Worry and anxiety are thinly veiled forms of fear, but sometimes it can also convince you that it’s actually ‘kindhearted concern’ or ‘common sense’, when really it’s just that part of yourself that wants to displace your desires to maintain the world that you know.  Let’s face it, change is hard.  The unknown can be scary. But it’s also exciting, exhilarating and that’s where the magic happens! Think about it – does the caterpillar shed its skin and don its wings in plain sight of everyone? No – it does it in its private little cocoon, out of sight and away from the rest of the world.

When we focus our thoughts and create our reality, our biggest hurdle is usually ourselves.  We contradict ourselves, if not in our thoughts, in the conflicting emotions that drive our manifestations. We can think that we are crystal clear on what it is that we want, and yet never see it reflected in the physical manifestation of our lives.  We can light candles, say prayers, create vision boards, do affirmations, and be patient, and look for it, and……..nothing.  Why do you think that is?

Because we don’t know ourselves.  We ignore the parts of what we’re feeling because we think that we ‘shouldn’t be’ feeling that way because it will get in the way of what we are manifesting.  But when we feel fear, we aren’t meant to ignore it. We’re meant to explore it. Why are we fearful? What is this fear? What am I actually fearing? What is it about this particular thing or situation that I feel pulls me out of alignment with the flow of Infinite Love?

When addressing fear in particular, you can’t think that you’re going to resolve it with logic.  What you have to do is dig into the feeling and get to know it.  Determine if it’s a good fear or a bad fear.  The way that I do this is by sinking into the feeling and I see if I can describe it with something else.  Is it exhilarating, exciting, overwhelming, do I just not want to do this, etc.? If it’s a good fear (exhilarating, exciting, etc.) then I can just re-align and adjust, and what was standing in the way of my manifesting is now fueling it! Now, if it’s a ‘bad fear’, (overwhelming, I don’t want to actually do this, etc.) then you need to actually look at what you’re trying to bring into manifestation because you probably don’t actually want it. Unfortunately, there’s not an easy way to resolve this conflict – you have to dig deep and figure out what it is that you really actually want; otherwise you’re going to just continue to sabotage your efforts.

We also unconsciously sabotage ourselves when we don’t realize that our ‘desires’ are really just reactions to what we don’t want. Think about this – is there a silent implication attached to the reality that you’re manifesting? For instance, are you focused on manifesting a job that pays a six figure income? Did this desire come about in response to feeling undervalued, underpaid or underappreciated in your current position? So then, is your desire really “a job that pays a six figure income” or is it “a job that pays a six figure income” with a silent “(unlike the crappy position I’m in now where I make a pittance and feel underappreciated)”?

Our experiences give us the roadmap to understanding what it is that we desire, but the trick to manifesting the life we desire is to find that which we desire even in the circumstances that are overall not desirable. In other words, yes you may want a job that appreciates you more, and part of this appreciation is paying you what you feel you deserve to be paid for the work that you do. To begin the process of creating this, you can’t hold your current situation as a stark contrast of what you don’t want.  Seeds don’t grow in a barren field, and this includes seeds of desire. You have to find the appreciation in your current situation, and then you put your focus there. You put your energy there. You find the co-worker that does appreciate you and you go out of your way to share your appreciation with them.  You grow your appreciation, and then extend it and begin to notice the little things that you like that you’d want to experience in the next position. It may be as simple as ‘I really like having the coffee station this close to my workspace’. Grow it into an experience of gratitude.

Manifesting isn’t about accumulating the most ‘cool stuff’, bigger paychecks, or any of that external crap.  It’s about placing yourself into a space of alignment and being brave enough to know what you desire, and then to watch that unfold into the world around you.  When we live in a space of alignment, when we know our own truth intimately and to follow it, then we can live in the world of our desire.  We all deserve to live in a space beyond our own fear.  The Universe itself is perpetually expanding, so why are holding ourselves to less of a standard? Allow yourself to expand beyond your fears; let them to become excitement! Allow yourself to know your desires intimately as you come to know yourself. And allow your Universe to reflect those desires into the world around you. Sometimes it’s just about realizing that you were getting in your own way.