Getting Out of Your Own Way


It’s one thing to state that we create our own reality, to believe it. It’s another when we can see the workings of how we’ve created it, and it isn’t necessarily pretty. We frequently get caught in a cycle of attracting what we don’t want, and it primarily boils down to three main reasons:

  1. Focusing on what we DON’T want to manifest instead of what we do
  2. Fear, and lastly
  3. Not being clear on what it is we actually want

It is a deceptively easy practice to fall into putting our focus on what we don’t want instead of keeping our eyes on the actual goal.  As a matter of fact, it’s a necessary part of the process of creating a life that you desire to develop opinions, which means that you will need to be aware that there are things out there that aren’t to your taste.  When it becomes a problem is when these dislikes begin to drive your desires and what you’re manifesting in your life.  (More on this in a moment.)

Fear seems like a pretty straightforward hindrance to your happiness, but it wears many different guises and creeps into places that it just doesn’t belong.  Worry and anxiety are thinly veiled forms of fear, but sometimes it can also convince you that it’s actually ‘kindhearted concern’ or ‘common sense’, when really it’s just that part of yourself that wants to displace your desires to maintain the world that you know.  Let’s face it, change is hard.  The unknown can be scary. But it’s also exciting, exhilarating and that’s where the magic happens! Think about it – does the caterpillar shed its skin and don its wings in plain sight of everyone? No – it does it in its private little cocoon, out of sight and away from the rest of the world.

When we focus our thoughts and create our reality, our biggest hurdle is usually ourselves.  We contradict ourselves, if not in our thoughts, in the conflicting emotions that drive our manifestations. We can think that we are crystal clear on what it is that we want, and yet never see it reflected in the physical manifestation of our lives.  We can light candles, say prayers, create vision boards, do affirmations, and be patient, and look for it, and……..nothing.  Why do you think that is?

Because we don’t know ourselves.  We ignore the parts of what we’re feeling because we think that we ‘shouldn’t be’ feeling that way because it will get in the way of what we are manifesting.  But when we feel fear, we aren’t meant to ignore it. We’re meant to explore it. Why are we fearful? What is this fear? What am I actually fearing? What is it about this particular thing or situation that I feel pulls me out of alignment with the flow of Infinite Love?

When addressing fear in particular, you can’t think that you’re going to resolve it with logic.  What you have to do is dig into the feeling and get to know it.  Determine if it’s a good fear or a bad fear.  The way that I do this is by sinking into the feeling and I see if I can describe it with something else.  Is it exhilarating, exciting, overwhelming, do I just not want to do this, etc.? If it’s a good fear (exhilarating, exciting, etc.) then I can just re-align and adjust, and what was standing in the way of my manifesting is now fueling it! Now, if it’s a ‘bad fear’, (overwhelming, I don’t want to actually do this, etc.) then you need to actually look at what you’re trying to bring into manifestation because you probably don’t actually want it. Unfortunately, there’s not an easy way to resolve this conflict – you have to dig deep and figure out what it is that you really actually want; otherwise you’re going to just continue to sabotage your efforts.

We also unconsciously sabotage ourselves when we don’t realize that our ‘desires’ are really just reactions to what we don’t want. Think about this – is there a silent implication attached to the reality that you’re manifesting? For instance, are you focused on manifesting a job that pays a six figure income? Did this desire come about in response to feeling undervalued, underpaid or underappreciated in your current position? So then, is your desire really “a job that pays a six figure income” or is it “a job that pays a six figure income” with a silent “(unlike the crappy position I’m in now where I make a pittance and feel underappreciated)”?

Our experiences give us the roadmap to understanding what it is that we desire, but the trick to manifesting the life we desire is to find that which we desire even in the circumstances that are overall not desirable. In other words, yes you may want a job that appreciates you more, and part of this appreciation is paying you what you feel you deserve to be paid for the work that you do. To begin the process of creating this, you can’t hold your current situation as a stark contrast of what you don’t want.  Seeds don’t grow in a barren field, and this includes seeds of desire. You have to find the appreciation in your current situation, and then you put your focus there. You put your energy there. You find the co-worker that does appreciate you and you go out of your way to share your appreciation with them.  You grow your appreciation, and then extend it and begin to notice the little things that you like that you’d want to experience in the next position. It may be as simple as ‘I really like having the coffee station this close to my workspace’. Grow it into an experience of gratitude.

Manifesting isn’t about accumulating the most ‘cool stuff’, bigger paychecks, or any of that external crap.  It’s about placing yourself into a space of alignment and being brave enough to know what you desire, and then to watch that unfold into the world around you.  When we live in a space of alignment, when we know our own truth intimately and to follow it, then we can live in the world of our desire.  We all deserve to live in a space beyond our own fear.  The Universe itself is perpetually expanding, so why are holding ourselves to less of a standard? Allow yourself to expand beyond your fears; let them to become excitement! Allow yourself to know your desires intimately as you come to know yourself. And allow your Universe to reflect those desires into the world around you. Sometimes it’s just about realizing that you were getting in your own way.


Everyday Mysticism – Nurturing your Divine Connections

Mysticism is defined by as “a doctrine of an immediate spiritual intuition of truths believed to transcend ordinary understanding, or of a direct, intimate union of the soul with God through contemplation or ecstasy.”In short order, mysticism is experiencing the Divine.Mysticism has gotten a misunderstood wrap over the years.A mystic is usually seen as some scantily clad guru that sits in contemplation upon a distant mountain top.This is true.Some see a mystic in those that give themselves over to monastic living, donning habits or robes to spend the majority of their time in prayer.This also is true.It may shock you, though, that a mystic is just as likely to wear a business suit in a boardroom as they are the archaic apparel of some religious order.

Here is my logic:God/Source/Divinity is everywhere at all times, in all things.If that is the case, how can we be separate from this in the first place?That’s right ladies and gentlemen.We are ALL constantly in a state of mystical union!So what’s the big difference between us and the adepts sitting in quiet meditation in some remote mountain getaway?They just REMEMBER that we are all of Source! That’s it!It really is that simple!

So, then let’s talk about this.You may be sitting there completely and thoughtfully understanding this. So, why don’t you feel more mystical?Our connections with Spirit or Source are not always physically perceptible.Our connection to Source is perceived much like the weather.There are days when I work from home and I won’t even get dressed until noon. (That’s right folks! There is a chance that when you’ve gotten your early morning phone readings that I’ve been swathed in a robe and my smiley face pajama pants! How’s that for a visual?)Well, when I do get ready to leave the house, I may peer out the window to see the bright and gorgeous sunshiney day, so I put on shorts and a short sleeved shirt, only then I find that this beautiful sunshine is part of a conspiracy of nature that insists on my catching hypothermia!So like the weather, Spirit gives us hints to our connection, but we don’t fully know it until we walk through the door.

The state of being that we normally think of as ‘mystical’ is actually a state called ‘ecstasy’, which means ‘rapturous delight or overpowering and intense emotion’.Ecstasy is actually derived from the Greek word meaning ‘trance’, and that is how we find our connection to Source.Ecstasy is basically the moment that we become aware of our wholeness in/with Source.Ecstasy is when the boundaries of ‘me’ fall away leaving ‘we’.

Here’s a contemplation/meditation to lead you into a state of everyday ecstasy.

Brew yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re not a coffee drinker).Sit and completely take in the aroma before you take your first sip. As you have your first taste, close your eyes and bring to mind the coffee bean that this delicious brew originated with.Let the full bodied taste wash over your tongue and mentally connect with the coffee plant that the bean came from.Follow it from a tiny seed sprouting to a fully grown plant bearing it’s bean.Feel the connection to mountainous soil that it’s grown in.See yourself completely as this plant.Now, as you take another sip, feel the hands of the man (or woman) who picked your bean.Feel their rugged earthy texture plucking you delicately from your stalk.Really feel him!What was his mood when he picked you?What was thinking about?What is his family like?Really feel it.Then, bring your awareness back to your brew.Take another sip and be aware of the water that supplied the liquid for your morning perk.In your mind, follow the water down into the water table or to the lake that your water comes from.Feel your awareness as expansive as that great lake.Allow it to expand, feeling the many forms of life that are supported inside of you.Simply be aware.Now allow your awareness to expand into the lofty waters in the clouds of the sky.Feel yourself floating high above the world.Feel the winds gently blowing you about.As you take another sip, feel yourself grow heavy and fall from your cloudy perch.Feel the freedom and smell the air as you rush downward, landing on the bean of a coffee plant.Now, once again feel the same hand reach out and pluck the bean, leaving you to fall into the mountainous soil.Feel the impact that you have against the ground.Realize now that you are the mountain.You are the plant.You are the farmer. You are the water.You are all things.We are all things.All things are one, in every moment. In every breath.In every sip of coffee.

Ecstasy and mysticism are all encompassing.These moments are simply labels, not for what we do, but for the moments that we remember all that we are.The strongest form of mysticism is when you allow yourself to realize that you are only separated from the person in front of you by thought.Thought or consciousness of separateness is the only thing that really makes you separate.

We are less like individual glasses of water, and more like waves of one great ocean.When we think of the individual waves, then we think of all of the Bobs and Janes.When we think of the great ocean, then we think in terms of Source.Being part of the ocean doesn’t make the wave any less individual or unique. If anything, it empowers the wave.Alone, a wave can leave a treasure on the beach or perhaps sully a sandcastle.When the wave is empowered by the ocean of which it is a part, then it can be a growing tide or even a tsunami!

When we seek power, as we as humans tend to do, then we can either find ways to differentiate ourselves or disengage from the crowd.When we find our power, our true power, it inevitably is the power of connection, the power of community, the power of Source, and of Unity.